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Chapter of IAPM - TNPCIAPM

The Tamilnadu and Pondicherry Chapter is one of the oldest chapters of IAPM in India. We are 46 years younger and marching towards the golden jubilee year. This is a non-profit organization affiliated to the national body of IAPM. The association has a hoary past with many legends of Pathology at the helm of affairs. The association has made its presence felt and established its reputation at the national level having been led by stalwarts and eminent Pathologists and as past office bearers Today the association has grown strong with 205 life members. The association conducts scientific sessions /slide seminars every month and an Annual Conference in the month of July. We hope to leave strong footprints at the national and international level by the contributions of all the members of our association

To promote and advance the knowledge, technical expertise, research and education in the field of Pathology, Microbiology and allied sciences of Laboratory Medicine in the state of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry. To foster cooperation between the teaching institutions, practising Pathologists and Microbiologists, Private laboratories and Laboratory Personnel and to uphold the standard and Quality of the Laboratory

To achieve the above said vision, TNPCIAPM undertakes many activities as follows It provides a platform for free exchange of ideas and to have constructive discussions for sharing of valuable experience. It conducts regular CMES, workshops etc… to facilitate dissipation of knowledge, advancement of technical skills so as to benefit the post graduate students and consultants It promotes research activities by providing an opportunity for presentation of the research papers and encourages research by way of prizes and awards

Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Chapter of IAPM - TNPCIAPM
Here is a list of successive office bearers of TNPCIAPM Established in 1975

1. Dr. Sarasabharathi and Dr. Gnanadesikan 1975 - 1986
2. Dr. Rama Gopalan and Dr. Babakrishnan 1986 - 1988
3. Dr. Panchanadam Madanagopalan and Major General Dr. C.S.V.Subramaniam 1988 - 1992
4. Dr. Snehalatha and Dr. Meenakshi 1992 - 1994
5. Dr. Hemalatha Ganapathi and Dr. D.V.Gomathi 1994 - 1996
6. Dr. Subalakshmi and Dr. Gnanakumari 1996 - 1998
7. Dr. V.V.Taralakshmi and Dr. Prema Shanmugam 1998 - 2000
8. Dr. Shanti Vijayalakshmi and Dr. B.O.Parijatham 2000 - 2002
9. Dr. Sarojini and Dr. Kausalya 2002 - 2004
10. Dr. Ezhilvizhi Alavandar and Dr. Mary Lily 2004 -2006
11. Dr. Rajalakshmi and Dr. Mrinalini 2006 - 2008
12. Madurai Dr. Gomathinayakam and Dr.Ramesh 2008- 2010
13. Dr. P.Karkuzhali and Dr. Geetha Devadas 2010 - 2012
14. Dr. Surendra Verma and Dr Rajesh JIPMER 2012 - 2018
15. Dr.P. Arunalatha and Dr. R.Padmavathi 2018 - till date

Respected dear members,
Having taken over in 2018 we have made a consistent and sustained effort in uplifting the TN Chapter both at the state and at the national level. Framing by laws, encouraging and enhancing the membership drive, regularly conducting CMEs, online webinars and interacting through the City Pathologist group, it has been a steady uphill move since 2018 till date.

The Annual TAPCON meet in July 2019 has been a diamond in our chapter crown. Proud to have fought tough during the COVID-19 world-wide pandemic, still breathing with smiles during our webinars bringing all of us even closer.

And now in 2021 we have been successful in bringing out our Chapter website, which I feel is like a heart that has started to pump in a newborn that has opened its eyes into the world around. It’s a truly proud moment for all of us connecting worldwide. Hope this helps in our growth academically, technically along with latest advancements in the field of research.

I take this opportunity to thank each one of You who have contributed in one or the other way towards making this website a dream come true.


Dr. P. Arunalatha
President – TNPCIAPM
Professor & HOD,
Stanley Medical College, Chennai

Dear All 
  It’s my privilege and I’m honored to be the secretary of TNPCIAPM .
  This Association had predecessors who were doyens in the field of Pathology and contributed immensely to the growth of this Association and shared their vast experience and knowledge to the budding next generation Pathologists.
  I thank the members and the entire team of Pathologists for choosing me to hold this post and serve the Association and I’m truly humbled! 
I’m sure this website will be a great platform for knowledge sharing and exchange of innovative ideas.
  We welcome and value your feedbacks and comments!
  With your constant support, I’m sure we’ll be able to progress further in our future endeavors,
  Thanks and regards

Secretary - TNPCIAPM
Professor Of Pathology
Madras Medical College Chennai.

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